I’m Sheena and you could say I dabble in a lot of things.

Whether it’s doodling, writing or coding, I am curious about anything that lets you express your creativity the most. I get a kick out of collaboration and finding life-hacks for myself and for others. Surprised as I was, I didn’t expect cooking tutorials could be that meaningful. This blog is about inspiration.

Going back to writing, I had my own stupid reasons at the start­­–like being someone that I am not. But sticking it out, I saw myself making mistakes and sharing them to let people learn or heck, even laugh at them. Though I doubt I can bear the back-reading years after. This blog is about growth.

The years passed and I slipped in and out of the radar more times than a covert spy. Realising that I was caught in the in-between of writing and conversing with people, I still expected that I made sense. I envy those who could carry conversations with ease, committing to their word in a blink. This blog is about dialogue.

As insignificant as this might seem, my goal is to be eventually significant. And as much as I am a private person, I want to be known for something good; great or small.  To do that, it would’ve been either having tons of money and sharing it. Or what seemed more doable, which is to share my thoughts to the world (wide web) and hoping it’ll go out to the universe and will have some sort of meaning to others.

This blog is about the Art of Oversharing.

*For Racquel, who inspired the reiteration of this page.