How to be Interesting 2016

Written sometime in 2013. Seems like the three years nothing has moved much but it’s nice to see a few dents in the to-do list.

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Have you ever had moments where you wished you were living someone else’s  fabulous life? I have definitely had. Lots of times.

Especially when I see well-travelled people. Like a moth to a flame, I hang on to their every word. Mentally make a list of things to Google and add to my bucket list. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s actually nice to appreciate and look up to people. But I learned these people are equally curious about others! It’s funny, really. We live vicariously amongst each other for different parts of our lives. Each going about their way, searching, working, and pushing for varied ideas of happiness.

So does being interesting equal to being happy? Probably not. I’m pretty sure a morbid story about death is also sort of interesting. Morbid but the good kind of interesting. The kind that gives a positive effect might have something to do with happiness.

When I asked myself what makes me happy—the answer changes from simple things, to things that I have to work hard for. And that’s ok because going out on a limb for your dreams makes (the moment of reaching) them more awesome.

Case in point: I am not the most fantastic writer. But that’s ok because I know with practice, I’ll get better. Like right now, I am currently sitting on my niece’s very low tea table just to make this entry to clock in the hours. My back is expecting a massage and a tone of gratitude for putting up with me. (Thank you, spinal cord.)

So how do we become interesting? I think the answer lies in how do you want yourself to turn out? If it’s being happy…and what makes you happy?

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Come up with a list and let’s be realistic. If you want some fancy bag then put it in there. But remember, don’t measure your progress or your being happy through other people’s responses. Everyone has a different meaning of success, happiness, boring, un-boring, et cetera. So please, whether or not you like tugs-tugs- ing, make sure that’s what you want.

As for me? I’d like to do a couple of things. Italicised text are 2016 updates!

a. Hop on a plane and circle the globe –  Italy, London, Jakarta, Thailand! Crazy three years.

b. Try new things (especially the ones that scare me) – Surfed and Attempting to longboard

c. Spend time with those I love – Hmm. Struggling on this one, tbh.

d. Have my own business – Working on it!

e. Have my own place with a nice bad-ass kitchen – Living with 2 roommates. Pretty good pad. 🙂

f. a Mini Cooper or just oodles of cash to by nice things (Hey, I’m only human!) – Having a car isn’t the top priority at the mo’

g. be known for making a difference in the world (Though world peace is always the ultimate answer, I was thinking along the lines of having this blog more known to people. Baby steps.) – Again, working it!

Something I read from H. Jackson Brown Jr. really got stuck in my brain. It said,

“Let the refining and improving of your life keep you so busy that you have so little time to criticize others.”

I think it should be the same for our ambitions  Although easier than said, no ones really stopping us to become who or what we aspire to be.

So go through phases where you like different kinds of music, immerse yourself in koreanovelas (guilty!), you can even like Carly Rae Jepsen. And if your make mistakes, that’s ok. I’m making them as I go along too.

If you feel judgement from people, just remember that it’s your life to live.

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