Light and Dark

I made this back in 2015 when I was thinking about how I’m thankful for my journal. At the time, I was trying to be conscious about the things that are coming into my head and what I allow to come out when I speak.

In all honesty, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion BUT within the walls of their cranium.

As borders come down because of the Internet and because of access to travel – I truly wonder why people do not feel a common responsibility to represent their homes and the places that they visit?

There is a light and a dark side to us all.

Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. Sharing a 2015 doodle today. #madewithpaper #made withpaper53

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The balance comes at times when you are alone and you face your true self. There in that private space you allow yourself any thoughts that may come to you but to be a living in this world, there’s a currency of analysis. Your true self is not all white – it is a mixture of all things. We continue to live so that we take opportunities to be better and we claim chances to choose the light.

I’ve been swirling these words for the past year and it has always come to me at everyday moments: whether I should be tolerant of people cutting lines or making sexist jokes – to moments of existence: do I condone the death of others for the potential peace of many?

Communication today is so powerful that everyone can be heard. But as always, the flaw is in hubris. The minute we switch our view to see that everything we have access to are not entitlements but blessings, I wonder, will we be better humans?

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