Moments of Insignificance

Written August 23, 2010. Long commute home.

Most of the time we find ourselves in the middle of everything. Our plans, our concerns- why shouldn’t we? It’severy man’s life to live, isn’t it?

That’s why it comes as a shock to the most of us that life, however traumatic, however hard – does go on. It’s a terrible, beautiful thing to see the human person build connections and endure trials only to see the destruction of some, mourn for them and live again – eventually to again, see the destruction of it all.

We can delude ourselves that we rest on a higher plane, disregarding fear and rejection. Invincibility can go so far, eve stretched through time. However, a deep gash will always find a way to resurface.

Let the rain wash all the wounds. Closed or not, let it rain down.

We are thankful for the people who come in to our lives, even those who go.

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