Out of Hiding

*feature image was a sketch I did to guide my friend in executing wedding invites*

To say I have not been updating for a while is an understatement. For the last five years, my attempts to resurrect this blog have been so sporadic, I even fail to remember what was going in my head at that time.

Out of the flurry of the massive clean up, I’m a bit sad that I don’t see what I’ve written in the last few years. So I’ll most probably resurrect them one by one – if I manage to get all the files in order.

Things that have been happening so far:

– I got married. Yep.

– I am slowly dealing with the feeling of constant discontent in my work (Meh. It’s a thing.)

– I am trying to be more decisive. Hence this.

– I am trying to be more confident with my decisions. Hence this.

– I am trying.

I’m writing from Madrid (!) of all places. And while the entries of longing to travel are lost somewhere in my external hard drives, I’ll make up for the proof of longing with the amount of awe I feel that I am in a place I only thought to daydream about a few years ago.

Rishi and I have been traveling around France and Spain for the last week and these next couple of days are the closing of a great two weeks of us just being together, without work, without other obligations other than indulging on where to eat next.

There’s so much inspiration coming from traveling and I wanted to make use of that and nourish it. With WiFi everywhere, I could have updated everyone with every little thing but I decided to keep most to myself. Slowly, I’ll let out bits of oversharing as time goes on.

Hasta pronto!


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